Nebraska Football Made Embarrassing History On Saturday

Saturday was not a good day to laugh.

Nebraska continued to struggle under Scott Frost with a season-opening loss to Northwestern in Dublin, its third straight.

As Miles Commodore points out, this is the first time the school’s football program has dropped three straight openers in more than 70 years.

The Cornhawks led 17-14 at halftime, but found a way to pick up the pace in the third quarter and extend their lead to 28-14.

However, things began to go south after Nebraska’s Scott Frost attempted to go for the kill shot with a surprise kick; Giving the Wildcats excellent field position at the fumble and an easy path to seven quick points.

After the loss, Frost accepted responsibility for the questionable call. Telling reporters:

I made that call, so it’s on me. At that point in the game, I felt that all the momentum was on our side. I thought if we [retrieved] it, we could win the game. … I thought maybe we were the better team. You can’t really expect them to score 14 straight and we played well to start the second half. They are excuses. If I had completed it, I would not have been invited.

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