UP Public Service Commission asked in PCS interview whether religious education should be imparted in schools

UPPSC PCS Interview 2021: Interview for PCS 2020 was also conducted on Sunday in Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission. A total of 56 candidates were called in the first shift, out of which two were absent. The interview board asked a candidate, “What religious education should be given in schools, what is secularism, why secularism was added to the Constitution of India later.”

Similarly, it was asked that in a drought-affected area, people are staging demonstrations, what will you do as SDM. Which phenomenon of history affects you the most and why. How many bids are there in up? In the boat, the boat will go to shore or where the aeroplane flies, questions were asked on the tribe of Bundelkhand, etc.

What is the philosophy of the Gita, what do you know about the ancient carpet relations between Thailand and India, how the Indian culture had an impact on Thailand, about the Ankorwat temple and the name of any state lineage in South India.

When was the Allahabad High Court established?
The name of the Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court, where is the bench of the Allahabad High Court, the sanctioned number of the judge in the Allahabad High Court and the number of judges in the Lucknow bench, when the Allahabad High Court was established and the courts which were established, how they write to the Allahabad High Court, what is writ a, what is the work done in writ B and C, apart from the CRPC also.

Even before independence, there have been farmers ‘ agitations?
What is happening is right or wrong, even before independence, there have been farmers ‘ agitations, patel ji’s role was the highest in which movement and what was the reason for the agitation, what is the demand of the farmers ‘ agitation at present, why earthquakes come, what is the tectonic plates and why they move, why do they teach mathematics to children? , name the famous mathematician of India, the Namami Gange scheme talks about planting trees on both sides of the river, what is right, from where the national waterway is.


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