What is SSC CPO? Learn in detail

What is an SSC PO?
SSC CPO is a competitive examination conducted by SSC for recruitment of Sub Inspector posts in various paramilitary forces. The SSC CPO job post comes with various job duties and responsibilities.

How to prepare for SSC CPO?
If you are always anxious to be a part of any of these military options like police, and paramilitary forces then the SSC CPO exam is considered an ideal opportunity. First of all, you need to pass the Tier I written test, in addition to which you have to keep your body healthy to clear the physical standard test, medical test and physical test.

What is SSC CPO? Learn in detail
What is SSC CPO? Learn in detail

How to view SSC CPO Answer Key?
To analyze the performance of your exam, you have to go to the official website to download Dr. Key to SSC CPO Answer Key. This will give you a clear picture of your exam performance.

View SSCPO job profile
Various job posts have been created under SSCPO. Chiefs like SI in Delhi Police, SI in BSF, SI in CISF, SI in CRPF, SI in ITBF, SI in SSB and Assistant SI in CISF are being discussed. You can go to work according to your interests and preferences. You can give your job only one hundred percent if you are fully interested in your job. Here, we are going to explain in detail about SSCPO physical parameters.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You will not be able to write the Tier II exam.
Every year many candidates apply for this job. This is because you will get a good salary and a respectable job profile.
After passing the written exam, you will also prepare to pass a physical and medical examination.
You also need to raise ideal physical health. If you do not have ideal physical health, you will not be allowed to go for this job.
The SSCPO exam is not easy, but it really requires a lot of job related responsibilities. If you are mentally ready to handle it all then you should go for it.

You may be wondering how tough this job profile can be. Yes, the candidates will really work for the betterment of the country. Besides, this task is not easy.

The selected candidates will serve in a prestigious position of SI, IO, etc. They are known to handle really important positions. In addition, it is important to note that job profiles and responsibilities may vary by department.

Here, we are going to mention the major responsibilities of each department –

Delhi Police – When it comes to job profile and responsibilities in Delhi Police, the list goes on and on. The selected candidates will be responsible for maintaining sound law and order in the city. You will be allowed to make an arrest regardless of whether there is a warrant or not. Your job duties include seizing a person or their vehicle or location depending on the situation. You will be responsible for following the documents received from SI.

Being in Delhi Police, you will respond to lodge an FIR. The SI is responsible for investigating all matters relating to the Indian Penal Code. The SI also has the power to use force to maintain law and order.

BSF – When it comes to BSF related job duties, responsibilities change accordingly. You will be responsible for ensuring the security of borders like India-Pakistan, India-Bangladesh. You will be responsible for assuring people that they are and will be safe in a safe environment in the border areas. They live near borders. They are also responsible for preventing any illegal activities such as smuggling.

CRPF – You need to provide excellent protection for various duplicate units and government infrastructure across the country. You will also be responsible for visiting various industrial areas such as steel, power plants, mines etc. The CRPF is considered ideal and responsible for controlling riots, Naxals and others like them.

SSB – If you live in SSB, you will be responsible for ensuring the safety of cross-border crime. They prevent smuggling and other illegal activities. The probe is aimed at anti-national activities along the border. They are responsible for maintaining security and harmony among the people around the border.

Also, the list is not exhaustive because it is too long. However, the important thing is that you will be handling a lot of responsibilities at the same time and this requires great awareness.

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